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I Am Grieving...

The death of a loved one is one of the most painful and challenging of all human experiences. Reactions to a death can be confusing, and intensely overwhelming.

These feelings may include:
  • sadness
  • yearning
  • panic
  • guilt
  • disbelief
  • irritability
  • helplessness
  • numbness
  • fear
  • loneliness
  • anger
  • anxiety

  • These feelings are just a few of those commonly experienced at some point during the grief process. Grief is also experienced physically, and common physical symptoms include:
  • difficulty sleeping
  • poor concentration
  • frequent crying
  • headaches
  • exhaustion
  • appetite changes
  • restlessness
  • aches and pains

  • Grief takes time, and there is no right or wrong length of time for you to grieve. Grief is a very personal experience, and will feel differently to everyone. You will need to have time alone, and time with others. Sometimes families have a difficult time talking about how a death has changed their family. Since children grieve, too, parents may need help talking to them about death. Antila's Aftercare Program is designed to walk with you in your grief. We know we cannot cure your grief, but we will offer a listening ear to you and your family.
    Remember... Grief shared is grief diminished.

    "If only someone whom I respected had sat me down aftr Martin died and said, "Now, Lynn, bereavement is a wound. It's like being very, very badly hurt... You will grieve and that is painful. And your grief will have many stages, but all of them will be healing. Little by little, you will be whole again. And you will be a stronger person. Just as a broken bone knits and becomes stronger than before, so will you."

    -Lynn Caitne
    Widow: The Personal Crisis of a Widow in America

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